FAST CONSTRUCTIONin just 1-3 days
FIXED COSTwithout overpayments and unforeseen expenses
OWN PRODUCTION50,000 m2 per year
DURABILITYservice life of more than 50 years,
warranty - 5 years
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Barn (barnhouse)

The architectural direction comes from Western Europe at the junction of minimalism, loft and biotech. This is a rustic loft, which has a simple shape and acquires individuality thanks to the details. The minimalistic house will perfectly complement the outdoor terrace and panoramic windows on the whole wall. The roof of the building is traditionally gable, but we have added options with a lean-to and flat for completeness of the choice.

Half - timbered

The style has its roots in the XV century, when the house was a structure of beams connected at different angles. Times and materials have changed, and the frame in plain sight has remained a characteristic feature of the style. The space between the beams is often filled with floor-to-ceiling windows, so the house seems light and weightless, although in fact it is durable and energy efficient. A distinctive feature of the Italian half-timbered is the flat roof.


A combination of traditional material and futuristic architecture. Houses in this style are distinguished by strict geometry and cubic shapes. A characteristic feature is the laconic decor, an abundance of panoramic windows and sunlight. Here the eye rests from intricate elements. An outdoor terrace is usually hospitably located right at the entrance to the house.

The algorithm of Omakulma
We do it as for ourselves,
efficiently and on time
We work on this principle, so our customers get exactly what they want, because we flexibly respond to requests and find solutions to difficult and urgent tasks.
The construction of a modular house in winter in the north of the country, the creation of a recreation center on a remote bare site or the execution of work without delay and qualitatively regardless of geopolitics – we cope with everything.

Following our principle, we have chosen CLT technology for our homes.

With it, the house is easy to increase with additional modules or vice versa to reduce. The structure does not shrink, is not blown and does not freeze, is characterized by increased structural rigidity and fire resistance, energy efficiency and high noise insulation. It is easy to finish here.

You want to live in such a house yourself, you can recommend it to parents, children and best friends.

We are ready to answer all your questions and tell you more about our product.
A personal manager will tell you about all the nuances of purchasing and installing a house, calculate in detail the cost and economy of the project, orient you on the timing. Don`t be afraid to ask questions, we will be happy to answer any of them.

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