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since 2016


The international company "Omakulma" has been operating in the construction market since 2016.

The name "Omakulma" translates from Finnish as "own corner". This is a reflection of our company's philosophy – we do not just build houses, but create a personal space in which everything is thought out for the comfort and coziness of every resident! Our result is measured not by the number of houses, but by the gratitude of customers.






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Константин Юрьевич Пороцкий

“We have been working in the construction market since 2006. During this time, we immersed ourselves in work at all stages of building a house and gained extensive experience in construction, which allowed us to optimize production costs, logistics and construction work. The company was created in 2016.

Today "Omakulma" is an association of well-known companies with more than 10 years of experience in construction. In 2021, we opened our representative offices in countries such as Uzbekistan, Italy, Estonia and Israel, and we plan to further promote the supply of modular structures worldwide. We are open to cooperation and expansion of geography”.

Konstantin Yurievich Porotsky

Managing Partner of Omakulma

Our partners

Ministry of Construction

We are the developer of a unique business class project of the residential complex "Omakulma-Annino" - the first horizontal residential complex in Russia with project financing from the state bank "Dom.Russia", and we are preparing for the launch of the premium class project "Omakulma-Yukki"

Our professionals

Meet our team members

Natalia Testova

CEO (Director of the direction)

Konstantin Porotsky

Managing Partner

Violetta Basina

Managing Partner

Valeria Kovaleva

sales department manager

Boris Shestakov

Representative in Italy (Abruzzo)

Roman Mishiev

Present in Israel

Tamara Baymirzayeva

Representative in Uzbekistan (Tashkent)

Our experience

Why us?

  1. Quality control. All processes of production, assembly, finishing take place at the factory under strict step-by-step control and in compliance with all technical requirements. This ensures high accuracy of the factory parts of the house kit, the number of defects is reduced by 90%.
  2. Certificates. All materials and engineering equipment have been fully certified and have the appropriate documents. Each customer is provided with a complete set of technical documentation.
  3. High production speed - 30 days.
  4. The minimum installation time is 1-3 days. The houses are assembled on a pre-prepared foundation.
  1. The warranty is 5 years. Our own production allows us to give us a guarantee and be sure of the quality of the manufactured house kits.
  2. Fixed cost. Our prices are transparent and known in advance. You will not find yourself in a situation of an unplanned increase in the estimate, as when building a house using another technology.
  3. Save time and money. The use of prefab structures reduces the costs of design, construction materials, logistics, supply and maintenance by 30%, water consumption is reduced by 80%, sand — by 90%, energy — by 70%. You don`t spend years on construction: you don`t need to pick up a construction crew, go to the facility and go into the technical nuances of construction, think about wiring communications and electrics, installing sockets and much more.
  4. The service life of the house is more than 50 years in compliance with the operating instructions.