Step house - a house with a perspective

Step house - a house with a perspective

Immediately build a house that will be convenient and relevant now, in 5 and 20 years, where everything is provided for all periods of life, of course, it's great. But we are not sure that this happens.

Imagine that a couple buys a house for 25-30 years. They need one bedroom, a bathroom and a large kitchen to gather friendly parties. In a couple of years they will have a baby, and the nursery will become relevant, and in a few more - two. And now the house already needs three rooms and it would be better to have two bathrooms. And, ideally, a large dressing room and storage room.


Step House can change and grow with your needs

It will take another 15-20 years, the children will leave to study, and then they will create new families and move to their own housing. And now the parents have again felt all the advantages of living together, only so many rooms are not needed — it is irrational, and heating costs in winter are overstated.

A house created using traditional technology does not adapt to life situations. Most likely, housing for the described time will have to be changed several times. But Step House can change and grow with your needs.

Yes, modular technology allows you to build up the house: add bedrooms and guest rooms, bathrooms, a veranda or a sauna. If part of the house becomes irrelevant, this module can simply be removed. It is important that the installation takes a few days and does not require large-scale construction.

By the way, if you decide to move, it can be disassembled and assembled in a new place. The costs of transportation and updating communications are many times less than for construction from scratch.

We can find you a step-house in different styles (barn, high-tech, half-timbered) and think over the placement of the house and additional modules on the site for the future, so that later it looks organic and comfortable.

House options

In our catalog there are step-houses in the barn, high-tech and half-timbered style