One-storey or two-storey - which house to choose?

One-storey or two-storey - which house to choose?

Is a “two—storey house” something on the rich? Not at all: when using our technologies, the cost of a one-story and two-story house of the same area is almost the same. For example, turnkey projects "Hi-Tech 120" and "Hi-Tech 120-2FL" with the same living space cost 9.84 and 9.3 million rubles, respectively.

Comparison of houses

The cost of a one-storey and two-storey house of the same area is almost the same

WHAT TO CHOOSE? Let's figure it out.

Perhaps the main difference is the staircase. Most likely, you will have to go up and down several times a day. This is a significant disadvantage for the elderly, people with disabilities and children. It's not just that it will be difficult to walk - these categories of people have a higher risk of falling and getting injured.

At the same time, a two-storey house opens up the opportunity to make an open terrace with a more advantageous view, provide a balcony, as well as zone the space, make the first floor a common area, and the second a private one, only for family members or even only for parents.

Another plus of a two-storey house is saving space on the plot and funds for the construction of the foundation and roof. However, you will probably have to increase the cost of utilities and an additional bathroom on the second floor. And, perhaps, to buy a second robot vacuum cleaner.

Before making a choice between one-storey and two-storey, if you have never lived in a country house, we recommend renting a cottage for the weekend or staying with friends. So you will decide on the area and the appropriate number of floors, based on preferences and needs.

If you need advice, you can always ask it from us: we will advise you taking into account personal and long-term professional experience.