Not only at home: guest houses and modular baths made of CLT-plates

Not only at home: guest houses and modular baths made of CLT-plates

We talk a lot about what kind of houses we can produce for permanent or seasonal living. But we also have guest houses and baths from 1.4 million rubles. It can be either an addition to a house on a plot, or an independent order for a business, for example, for a recreation center, a profitable investment for private rental or resale.

Guest houses using CLT technology are economically profitable, for which they were appreciated by entrepreneurs. For example, this technology was used in the construction of a hotel chain in the Leningrad region "Dot on the map".

House options

There are more than 15 types of guest houses in our catalog

CLT-plates are made of natural solid wood and are absolutely safe for humans, including when heated, and do not emit substances harmful to health and the environment, and also, importantly, retain heat well inside.

It is important that both a modular bathhouse and a guest house can be placed on the site at any time of the year without unnecessary garbage, dirt on the site and long-term construction. Quick assembly is especially important when the project is being implemented outside the city, and it is extremely expensive to invite workers.

We can offer you a choice of ready-made projects of baths and modular guest houses, or we can develop a project for you taking into account your wishes. For example, to make a bathhouse with panoramic windows so that, after leaving the steam room, you can drink herbal tea and slowly enjoy the view of the snow-covered forest.

Exterior views of houses

We have a wide selection of ready-made projects of baths that will perfectly match with the house