How do we select a project by parameters

How do we select a project by parameters

Did you imagine how your house would be located on the plot? Did you take into account how much, at what hours and in which rooms the sun will be? Do you already know what the layout will be, and how you will arrange the furniture? The style in which the house will be executed is a matter of taste. But the layout should be selected.

These questions should be answered carefully and wisely, better based on experience and guided by modern standards. In addition to aesthetic ideas, it is necessary to take into account technical parameters, for example, to provide fire margins.

We help customers decide on a project during a personal consultation. We choose the project based on the composition of the family and needs. For example, for a large family, you will probably need more bedrooms, bathrooms, enough storerooms and dressing rooms for storage, as well as a spacious meeting place where you can put a table.

On the same area, you can provide a different set and number of functional zones. In a house of 90 square meters we can accommodate from 2 to 3 bedrooms and one or two bathrooms.

Layout No. 1

Layout No. 2

In a house of 90 square meters we can accommodate from 2 to 3 bedrooms and 1 or 2 bathrooms

We also offer other parameters taking into account your life scenario. For example, if you can't imagine life without a sauna, we can place it right in the house, and if you've always admired shots from movies where the character is resting on the veranda in a rocking chair, then this dream is also easy to realize.

You can also provide an option for two families, for example, if you live on the same plot with your parents, and connect them with a common terrace.

Outside the city, it is important to provide for the location of all objects on the site, otherwise it may turn out that the terrace is located on the windiest side, or the greenhouse is in the shade of large trees. Then, unfortunately, the quality of your life will be reduced. To avoid this, we try on a house on a plot, taking into account the movement of the sun, the wind rose, the necessary margins from neighboring plots, the location of windows so that the facade looks aesthetically pleasing, and there is enough natural light in all rooms.

We will definitely pick up the ideal option together at a meeting with a personal manager, even if you don't know exactly what you want yet.