Which plot is suitable for a modular house?

Which plot is suitable for a modular house?

Before installing a modular house, it is necessary to conduct engineering and geological surveys with laboratory analysis - this is a mandatory stage. The choice of the type of foundation depends on the type of soil on the site and the severity of the house.

Most often, a pile-screw foundation with a wooden or metal grillage is suitable for modular houses to evenly distribute the load on the supports. Piles can be installed in a couple of days without time-consuming earthworks. But there are nuances here too.

The soil layers on the site may differ even within five meters. It may turn out that in one zone the solid ground is located close to the surface, and in another it is necessary to install piles of greater length so that the house is securely fixed in place. Otherwise, the base of the short piles will be in weak soil, and they will sink under the weight of the house. To avoid this, geology is carried out.

Soil layers

The soil layers on the site may differ even within five meters

The size of the plot is also important. Its width and length affect the choice of a modular house project, because it is necessary to take into account the norms of the offset from neighbors, roads and other buildings.

Norms of margins

Norms of margins from the site boundary

We provide all these parameters and help you choose a suitable house project for almost any plot.

You can build a foundation for the size of the house yourself, or you can order the installation of the foundation from us. Before signing the contract, we will get acquainted with the results of the geology and geodesy of the land plot, so that there are no surprises, and everything went according to plan. Each case within the framework of the conclusion of the contract is considered individually.