Modular house for living in any season

Modular house for living in any season

The modular house is suitable for living all year round. The widespread belief that such buildings are only for seasonal use is incorrect.

From this material, indeed, you can build a cottage or a light summer house, if you do not plan to use it in winter and in the cold. If it is a country house where you intend to come in winter or even a house for permanent residence, it can be made warm and energy efficient.

This is possible thanks to CLT-thermo plates. This is a composite panel, where part of the inner lamellae is replaced by insulation. During production, part of the panel is cut out to fit the dimensions of the insulation, it is laid inside, glued and pressed.

The most commonly used wood insulation is Beltermo or polyuritan (PIR /PIR). They are both effective and completely safe, the only difference is what indicators of thermal resistance of external walls need to be achieved.

For the region of St. Petersburg and Moscow, the required coefficient of thermal resistance (R) is less than 3.2, and in Magadan 4.1. 

We produce and use CLT-thermo plates with R = 1,7-7,5, their thickness varies from 120 mm to 280 mm. Thus, modular houses using CLT-thermo can withstand temperatures up to -70 °C.

Most likely, there is no such extreme temperature in your region, so a modular house will have a good supply, and you will definitely not freeze.

Another important quality of such houses, which allows them to be used year-round, is windproof. All joints are securely sealed, and the house turns into a monolithic structure without cracks.

Comparison of CLT technologies

Comparison of CLT technologies with other house construction technologies

We will select the necessary indicators and insulation for your region on a personal consultation and calculate the cost of the project, where you and your family can live at any time of the year, where it will be cool in summer and warm in winter.