Hi-tech 120

61 664.35 €


A ready-made solution for life. A cozy stylish house where you want to enjoy unity with nature and slow down.

The modular house in the "High-tech" style has 4 layout options, which makes it possible to choose the most comfortable solution for your stay.

Each layout provides everything you need for a comfortable suburban life: a kitchen-living room with access to an outdoor terrace, 3 or 4 rooms, depending on the selected option, from 2 to 4 bathrooms. In one of the layouts, a steam room with a shower and a relaxation room is designed.

The layout and color of the facade can be changed according to your wishes.

The house is made of CLT-plates, which creates comfortable living conditions (warm in winter, cool in summer), does not emit substances harmful to health.

Everything for your maximum comfort and health!


Delivery options

Project Parameters

  • Bedrooms: 3-4
  • Bathrooms: 2-4
  • Square: 120
  • Sizes: 19.2 x 6.75

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