Barn 144F

89 214.01 €


Do you want to spend more time with your family without interrupting work? 

The Barn 144F house has an office with excellent sound insulation. We know that work and rest in comfortable conditions allow us to be more efficient. And a private bathroom at the end of the working day helps to relax.

Let's take a look inside the house and find out how the space is organized? A spacious kitchen-living room for a large family, a master bedroom and two rooms, an office, three bathrooms and a hall. And the decoration of the house is the terrace at the main entrance.

The layout is designed so that there are practically no corridors in it: transit zones openly pass through the living room and carry an additional storage function in the form of built-in wardrobes.

It is possible to redevelop and change the color of the facade, taking into account your wishes.

Perfect, isn't it?


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Project Parameters

  • Bedrooms: 3-9
  • Bathrooms: 2-4
  • Square: 144
  • Sizes: 19.2 x 8

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