High-tech 90F-1

64 229.3 €


The very modular house that is in great demand!

A spacious kitchen-living room is a place for cozy evenings with family and friends, three rooms with workplaces, two bathrooms, a small hall at the entrance to the house and an important element of country life – a terrace, and there are even two of them here!

The layout and color of the facade can be changed according to your wishes.

It will be cool in summer and warm in winter, because the house made of CLT-plates is energy efficient, and due to this you will save on heating. Here you will keep your health and good mood, as the house is eco-friendly. You will feel increased comfort of living, because the house has good sound insulation due to cross-gluing and layering of CLT-plates. And it is also highly liquid due to the active growth of popularity for this technology!

A place where dreams of the comfort of living outside the city are realized!


Delivery options

Project Parameters

  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Square: 90
  • Sizes: 14.4 x 6.75

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