Barn 72F

45 251.79 €


The house with an area of 72 m2, like all houses in the Barn style, is distinguished by large glazing.

Each room has panoramic windows: double-glazed windows start at the floor and end at the ceiling. This makes the house airy, bright, closely connected with the surrounding nature. It is especially pleasant to live in such a house near a forest or a lake to enjoy the views.

The layout includes everything you need for a young family or a bachelor: a spacious kitchen-living room with access to the terrace, a room, a bathroom, a hall, as well as indoor and outdoor terraces.

On the covered terrace, you can spend hours without fear of rain or direct sunlight.

The outdoor terrace is perfect for spending time with family or friends on warm sunny days. Here you can arrange a place to relax with a dining table and a barbecue area.

It is possible to change the layout and color of the facade, taking into account your wishes.

Everyone will be comfortable here!


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Project Parameters

  • Bedrooms: 1
  • Bathrooms: 1
  • Square: 72
  • Sizes: 9.6 x 8

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